Sunday, August 24, 2008

RE: Men vs Women

Hey there,

What i was actually trying to do isnt to criticize the other gender or be a sexist. According to the responses, they say that we are equal and should be given equal rights. I totally agree with it, and that is how it is suppose to be. Just like our race, its just our culture,tradition and skin color which is different. Deep down inside, we are all the same.

We have the same organs, same senses, and we even live in the same country. Why should we group them up? Why muz we see skin colors, culture, type of food and religeon. Do you believe in the saying " everything happens for a reason" ? Well i do, and i believe that Malaysia is made of many races is for a reason, same as gender, we need one another to work together and hence making a great team. As far as we are improving, if we were to work together with one heart, one goal and one desire, We can actually grow faster.

Look at how much we have grown since 31st august 1957. We had 5 prime ministers since then, and they have all contributed allot to our beloved country. Just imagine how much better can we make our country if we were to work together sincerely. I dont know who created it or why did this catogory came up from, " race ". I mean yes, there is a difference we cant deny that fact. But its just a tiny little one, just like male and female, the only difference is, we use different washrooms, the way we think, and the way we do things. And men and women now are given equal rights, so why dont we start treating each other equally? Anyhow, this is just my point of view of things and i bet many more think the same as i am.

Malaysia Boleh!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Men vs Women

I don't mean to be a sexist or wad, but i just want your opinion,

Generally, We both need each other, guys need girls and girls need guys to live on with their lives. God made us in such a way that we have to depend on each other. Men normally act using their brains and women act using their senses and follow their hearts. When we combine we balance each other helping us to do better. We are attracted to each other (no offense to gays, and lesbians).

Well who do u think is better? stronger? smarter? leave ur comments not in da Cbox

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Duit Kopi? Coffee Money?

Hey all,

Well, "coffee money" or "rasuah" is sort of a common thing in Malaysia. It is definatly not good, because if everybody does this, the economy of this country will surely go down. Here's a picture of what we always see in town.

This is what all the cops or detectives are wearing, but do you think they are really following it?
I'd say this is what they are wearing

Well i know there are stuff that u need to bribe. Such as, drivers license,restraunt license, taxi permit, and many more. If u do not bribe for the drivers license, you will never pass. Maybe this is what is causing so many accidents in Malaysia? I have heard that you will have to bribe them just to make the process faster, if not it will take about half a year or so just to get your permit or license.

We always say that cops are bad or this people is bad because they take coffee money, but dont forget the 1 that offers them. If we want to stop this "rasuah" goin around we must first stop offerring them or giving them a chance to take.


Sunday, July 13, 2008

Save the papers!

Sup ppl,

Well it actually came after talking to my friend. Do u know that each test, we use loads of papers? think bout it, for instance my sch, each form has 3 classes. each of those classes has got roughly about 30 students. 1 test paper roughly consist of 10 or more pages. Now 1 class uses 300 A4 sized papers. 1 form use 900 sheets of paper. 1 secondary school uses about 4500 sheets of paper PER subject. How many trees do u think is chopped down just to make test papers.

I am very sure that the goverment will not allow to cancel off examinations. Because examinations is to test how much have u grown in terms of education. So why not do examinations on computers? I am very sure almost every school has a computer lab, right? Even my school which is quite poor and situated in a small " kampung" like place has a computer lab. If we use computers it would definatly cut down the amount of paper used and thus saving our future generations. Cutting down trees has certainly caused allot of damage to our mother nature.

The ozone layer is becoming thinner and more holes are appearing. Dont u think its time that we start to actually do somthing? Do u want our future generations to suffer?

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Mat Rempits

Hey all,

Well most of us all know what mat rempits are right? For those dont know, mat rempits are guys on motorbikes usually racing or showing off what they can do on and with thier motorbikes. They can be found almost everywhere in KL around night time. Yes, it is illegal, but there are just too many of them out there dangering thier lives and other cyclist or drivers lives. This is 1 of the most critical social issues among the teens these days.

Well here's a pic of a Mat Rempit in action

Everybody says its influenced by the wrong company, but i'd say its thier choice. They think by doing this they could be "popular" the easy way, or maybe be " heroes". Well, yeah a bike is quite cheap and affordable, but hopefully now since the petrol priced has increased, it will cut down the number or mat rempits in town. Mat rempit is like a new trend, they probably do it to attract attention by ramming thier engines, doing monkey stunts on the highway, or simply just shouting and speeding.

I just hope that they will realise the danger that they cause to them selves and to other citizens. To all u Mat Rempits, if u think its cool doing all these stuns, well think again. To you and ur fellow mat rempits, u look like a hero but to us... u simply look like this

Yeap, monkeys on a motorbike. Please wake up, everybody has thier own talent, find yours and shine on it. If u fail in school doesnt mean its end of the world and u cant do anything about it, there's an old saying " If there's a will, there is a way".

Remember, Malaysia BOLEH!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Petrol Saving

Fellow Malaysians,

Since our goverment has increased the fuel price, lets stop rioting or complaining and instead,start thinking on how to save our fuel. Here's a few tips on how to save your petrol =)

Well first of all, as we all know acceleration consumes petrol right? Try to avoid high speeds on open roads. Which will also increase safety during travelling. For example accelerating from 90km/hour to 110km/hour on highways will increase fuel consumption by 25%.

The other thing that drivers love to do is leaving their engine on while waiting for someone. Idling the engine consumes more fuel rather then turning it off and on again. Waiting in the car while the engine is running is also dangerous deal to the chemical released by the car airconds. So while you are waiting for ur loved ones or simply your friends, turn off ur engine to save petrol and save the enviroment.

Using a thicker tire means more rolling resistance, hence consuming more petrol. But this also decreases the controling of the car, so its not very advisible for new drivers. Keeping ur tires pumped to its required pressure will also contribute in saving your fuel. Besides all that, keeping ur air filters clean also might help. Because when the air filters are clogged up, less airflow to the engine, thus it is harder for combustion.

If you follow all of these steps, i am very sure u will see results. And also try to avoid places with traffic, use the radio for traffic reports. There is nothing we cant achieve when we put our minds to it

Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Increasing of Petrol prices

Hey there,

Well as we all know, the fuel prices has been increased. Everyone is feeling the pinch or getting a hole in thier pocket. There are pros and cons in every situation, but unfortunatly for this situation the cons are more then the pros.

Lets start with the pros,

A survey has been done, and since the price hike the usage of personal cars has decreased and the usage of public transport has increased. Carpooling which was introduced years ago due to polution dint really catched our attention, but now friends and family are doing it to save consumption of petrol which is fairly expensive. Now less polution is happening so its a good thing right?

Now the cons,

The increase of petrol prices has also increased the prices of our daily materials. Prices for almost everything is increasing. Riots has occured infront of of KLCC

Im not very sure why did the goverment increase it, but we just hope they wont increase it more. As already the economy is quite bad, with the increase of fuel prices its making it worst.
People's thinking now is only on how to save petrol and how to use it lesser. Most of the food stalls and hawker stalls increased their prices due to petrol price hike. But as for the fast food restraunts, instead of increasing prices they decrease the ingredients.